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Fundraising Results
Quad remodel 

The new TPMS Quad Foundation project is becoming a reality!  The PUSD staff worked hard over spring break beginning with covering the worst of the dirt patch so there will be no more mud in the classrooms.  Look at the gorgeous progress photo below and see our website for more updates as work is completed over time.

Please consider donating to help cover the costs for this monumental project and look for our future updates. While PUSD is providing the labor for free, we are still on the hook for the steeply discounted materials.

We are only 15% of the way there and we need your help!

This is our children's school - let's make it memorable and beautiful.


We accept donations of:
  • Cash, checks and PayPal
  • Gift items for our "Auction"
  • Stock of publicly traded companies
  • Employer matching donations (i.e. Northrop Grumman, Intuit)

Thank you for helping the Foundation achieve its goals. We look forward to another exciting school year!

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