Twin Peaks Foundation is holding the 4th Annual Read-a-thon!  On Tuesday, May 4th all students will spend their RAM Time reading independently.  Students will have the opportunity to record their reading for 2 weeks leading up to May 4th.

Our goal is to raise over $20,000 for Twin Peaks and we appreciate your support. The money raised will be focused on continued improvements to outdoor social and learning campus spaces.

In advance of May 4th, students will register online to track their donations and earn opportunities to win amazing prizes as their donations grow.

How to Maximize Your Success!

  1. Register your student online now at:

You will need to know your student’s RAM teacher’s name to register.

  • Donate to your child’s account. Our school code is: 5ca4c7ccb843d
  • Share your child’s Student Fundraising Page via social media tools. It’s quick, easy and completely Facebook and email friendly.
  • Watch your child’s pledge meter rise!  Both online and hand-carried donations are acceptable (send checks made out to Twin Peaks Foundation to your child’s RAM teacher)

All donations are tax deductible! Twin Peaks Foundation is a501(c)(3) charitable organization nonprofit tax ID number is 33-0660354.


  • APRIL 19th:
    • Fundhub Registration Opens!
    • Log reading hours for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch & Starlink accessory
    • Collect donations for a chance to win a Xbox
  • MAY 4th:
    • Read-a-Thon takes place in ALL RAM Classes!
  • MAY 7th:
    • Last day for donations!
    • Every $50 of donations collected by May 7th receives a virtual ticket for the drawing entry.
  • May 17th: All winners announced!

Virtual Ticket Path to Prizes

Door prize drawing: RAM stickers and Stress balls (EVERY Student is Eligible)

READING Time Logged (RAM Time to <10 Hrs):  Hydroflasks or Gift Card (InNOut, ChikFil A, Dominoes, Islands)

READING Time Logged (>10 Hrs): Nintendo Switch w/Starlink Accessory, plush Star Wars characters

DONATIONS RAISED (1 ticket/50$): Xbox, Apple airpods, Power Beats, Amazon Echo